one minute 00:22 ‎26/‎08/‎2015
you think you need a car. you want to go on the road. you go to the airport
and then you fly. when you come down to earth you take a train straight
to the marina aboard the yacht to the island. you rent a bicycle.
you take a walk. you think about space. you look up you see the stars.
you think you should travel up there in order to discover a new chemical
element so you can convert it into another element with your 9 billion
dollar particle accelerator so you can fuel your way back into deep space to find out
there is no duty free shop up there so you are better off at the airport.
off you go. taking a taxi to the marina, yachting to the train station
getting to the airport on the last minute departing on an airplane just
to land on earth again in order to take the bus to the parking space where
you parked your car. heading straight back home. 
you have been somewhere you have done something you have seen stuff.
right back to your apartement to your mailbox to your chair.
take your time when you keep an eagle eye on one of ofir dor’s big paintings.
Text by Boaz Benkuzari – 2015



I want to make a painting that’s personal, physical, sensual, and sincere.

An image strikes as powerful, and calls to be painted. It might be in front of your eyes or it can rise from a dream, or it can be imagined, or built as an allegory, a sublimation of feelings or inner state of events.

I am curious about painting because it changes the world, shifts one to a different state of concentration, excitement and sensitivity, it is an ethical sphere, where one makes choices of value, regarding good and bad and beauty and truth – towards meaning.

In painting, through seeing, the entire field of meaning appears before your eyes.

How does one measure quality? Refine the instrument and the whole body becomes a sensor.

Once you start painting the idea transforms, it develops, it might dissolve, or prove false.

And it might take a lot of time, and the whole body is an instrument for sensing its quality. It is like a taste in your mouth, or a sore stomach, it is a very physical thing.

The act of painting is a way of being, it is a lot about what actually happens while doing it, through practicing it the way you see and think changes. It is one thing to be looking at a painting but I feel I really see it only while painting. I painted lots of paintings while looking at another painting, (either mine or another painter’s), sometimes from a different angle or in a different light.

When a form or a figure appears it does so simultaneously from the inside and the outside. Painting deals with this moment and with the meaning a form is carrying.  When does the painting expand space, can it actually help you move, provoke you to live?

Open – Close – Open, relationship between movement and conclusion, when the conclusion stands still the painting falls. To understand painting means to hold to it from all directions at once. One needs to wrap up the painting in a round way, unity of color, form and meaning.

One hand into the personal (love, lust, horror, joy, studio life), the other into the history of culture and painting.

The form is the painting’s face, and it is staring at you while your looking at it.



Ofir Dor – CV

Born in Israel, 1972.

Lives in Berlin, Germany



  • Education


2004 Bezalel Academy of Art and Design and Hebrew University, Jerusalem MFA (Master of Fine Arts Degree)


2000 Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, BFA


1999-2000 The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, New York, Visiting Scholar


1996 Beit Berl College, Hamidrasha School of Art, Beit Berl Certificate in Art



  • Selected Solo Exhibitions


2015 “GirlyGirlyGirlGirl”, Circle 1, Berlin


2013 “Ofir Dor”, Fresh Paint 2013, Sommer Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv


2012 “Pregnant Mirror”, Lohame Hagetaot Kibutz’s Gallery, Israel


2011 “Mr. O and Mrs. I”, Sommer Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv


2011 “Oh!”, 95 Tor Strasse, Berlin


2009 “IOI”, Sommer Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv


2007 Helena Rubinstein’s Pavilion for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv


2005 Sadnaot Haomanim, Tel Aviv


2004 “Pastoral”, Julie M. Gallery, Tel Aviv


2003 “Water Hole”, Julie M. Gallery, Tel Aviv



  • Selected Group Exhibitions


2015 “Don’t Shoot The Painter. Paintings from the UBS art Collection” Galleria d’Arte Moderna di         Milano, Milan, Italy


2015 “Radial System”, Berlin


2014 “Five cardinal directions” Beit Uri and Rami Museum, Kibbutz Ashdod Jaakov, Israel


2010 “Portraits” Sommer Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv


2010 “Cockeye. Mail Nude in Contemporary Israeli Art”, Gal-on Art Space, Tel Aviv


2009 “Wild Exaggeration: The Grotesque Body in Contemporary Art”, Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa


2006 “Mixed Emotions”, Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa


2004 “Animal, Vegetable, Mineral”, Bezalel Gallery, Tel Aviv
2004 “Painting this Time”, Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Herzliya



  • Awards


2014    Residency, La Cité International des Artes  with support from  Institut Français, Paris, France


2005    Grant from America-Israel Cultural Foundation